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JSMaze Returns, in Elm!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 03:52:05 GMT

I mentioned in my last post. Here are some more details.

I wrote a little maze game in 2012, as my first introduction to Node.js, and put it up on an Amazon AWS machine at I took it down a few months back, to save the $18/month it was costing me. I decided to remake it, in Elm, and it's back up, running on one of my Digital Ocean VMs, for no additional cost, again at Link there to GitHub repository.

So far I have the basic 2D and perspective rendering working, with movement via keyboard or buttons. It works in a touch-screen browser, though the keyboard is a much nicer control interface.

Next I'll work on a maze editor and persistent storage for mazes. Then a server, with war mode and the nice spinning bullet animation I did before. Then I'll add chat and sound, and I'll be back where I was before, but with code that's much easier to understand and expand.

My plan then is to do what I had in mind for the original, but that was too painful in plain JavaScript, the ability to have lots of mazes running at once, invitations to private mazes, drawings and uploaded images on the walls.

I'm having a blast!

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