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What Are You Listening To?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 20 Oct 2016 17:11:36 GMT

I snarfed from an old IRC client, that I no longer use, nor remember the name of, an AppleScript that inserted the current tune playing in iTunes. I modified it to make it work in the "Services" menu.

First, download the script. If it doesn't automatically uncompress, double click it so it does.

Now, in the Finder, go to the "~/Library/Services" directory. "~/Library" is usually hidden, so you need to use the Finder's "Go / Go to Folder..." menu item:

Finder "Go to Folder..." menu item

Type "~/Library/Services" into the resulting dialog, and click "Go":

Finder "Go to Folder..." dialog

Open up your "Downloads" folder, and drag the "iTunes.workflow" file to the "Services" folder (it's actually a directory, but one that Finder treats as a file):

Drag to Services

After what is on my machine a random delay, the new script should appear in the "Services" sub-menu of each application's application menu, when a text field is focused for input:

iTunes menu item on Services menu

If you select it, after a bit of a delay (AppleScript is slow to start), it should insert the tune to which you're currently listening. The text is designed for IRC clients (and Skype and probably a few other copycats), where "/me" turns into your username, but you can edit that.

Tune pasted

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