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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 14:06:56 GMT

The Kindelia Foundation is Victor Taelin's creation, supporting the HVM (High-order Virtual Machine) runtime, the Kind2 language built on top of it, and their ecosystem. HVM implements a new computing model, which provides massive parallelism, by default, without anything special for the programmer to do. It uses the inherent parallelizability of functional programs. I haven't yet played with it, but I forked the repositories on GitHub, just to hold on to them. HVM is written in Rust, though there's also a JS version, which hasn't been worked on since September.

Twitter thread describing HVM:

"First, I attempted to run functional programs on the HVM. My 1-month silly prototype outperformed GHC, the state-of-art functional compiler used by most Haskell-based companies, in several real-world tasks... by more than 300% (!)"

"Right now, we're looking into compiling Elm to HVM, and run it on the GPU. Imagine writing 3D games and shaders as pure "Pos -> Color" functions, and it just works? That'd be insane, and I have a prototypal CUDA runtime that achieved linear speedup, suggesting that's possible!"

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