Bill St. Clair

Senior Software Engineer
Location: Bennington, Vermont
Resume online at:


Software design and development using my senior developer skills with opportunities for learning. Telecommuting from home preferred. Elm, Erlang/Elixir, Haskell, & Clojure are my latest studies, but interesting projects are more important than programming language.


A seasoned programming professional with expertise in privacy protection, encryption, trusted systems, data structures and algorithms. Extensive experience programming in Common Lisp as well as Elm, Swift, C, JavaScript, Java, PHP, XML, and HTML. Experience programming Macintosh and iOS with the Cocoa application framework.

Professional Experience

Gib Goy Games (2017)

Clozure Associates (2006-Present)

Shaker Computer and Management Services, Inc. (1997-2006)

Digitool, Inc. (1995-1997)

Apple Computer, Inc (1989-1995)

Thinking Machines Corporation (1984-1986)

Atari Cambridge Research Lab (1984)

EMT Franz, in Germany's Rhine Valley (1983)

Dynatron Corporation (1978-1983)

Personal Projects


Technical Skills